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Research & Development

Project of platform development of electricity and electronics multiplex in Samand

The major reasons of using multiplex system considering current electronics and electricity system of vehicles are briefly as follows

·         Removing wires assembly complexity

·         Reducing connectors

·         Adding new features to car

·         Reducing production and after sales services costs

·          Removing sensors and similar electrical equipments

·          Reducing fuel consumption and pollution

·         Using of micro-controls in the car

·         Using of electronic memory and the possibility of storing information

·         reducing assembly time

·         Quick and easy troubleshooting

·         Easy maintenance and service of car

·         Increasing confidence coefficient and quality of electronic system

·         the possibility of  showing occurred errors in vehicle

·         Increasing longevity of lamps using PWM method

·         Managing electrical power consumption

·         Removing fuse box and merging fuses in CCN

·          Cost saving by remove variety of electronic units

·         Using of modern method Diagnosis On CAN

·         Cheap, effective and accurate troubleshooting

·         the possibility of  troubleshooting by control remote

This project is the largest of project of design and development of electricity and electronics in Iran Khodro Company which has been started in Iranian year 1383 and is in the final stages.

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