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Research & Development

Research & Development

In this project is provided conceptual design of based-Samand brake system components and is caused major changes in the brake parts such as : brake booster, caliber, brake disc and lining ( set of disc and plug); the objectives of project are:

  1. Improving brake system performance
  2. Reducing stop distance
  3. Reducing response time of brake system
  4. reducing noise from disc and lining contact and pedal better feel
  5. Reducing cost of brake system
  6. Changing frame of oil tank and shifting tank door for easy access

Project end time was first half of the Iranian year 1389.

  •  Engine project (1800cc and 2000cc)

This project has been implemented in conformity with government legislation about stopping cars that have high fuel consumption and pollution. Major changes on the engine are:

  1. improving air inlet system to engine
  2. improving smoke outlet system and catalyst
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