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Research & Development

SE Samand project

Samand car always has been considered as national and strategic product in domestic and foreign markets. In this car you can see interior (new panel of dashboard) and exterior (rear lights, rear number frame, ornamental hub cap and grill) changes. Also, in it has been used Twist Beam axle.

Soren 2 phase, (ELX) Project
This car is face lift of Samand model that has been defined with IranKhodro brand in D segment. The aim of this project is: expanding market share of Iran Khodro, developing exports and improving brand of Iran Khodro.

The major changes in this model are related to interior changes such as:

  • Dashboard
  • IP Beam and bolster
  • air channels
  • Inside door-handle
  • Consul box
  • Offside Air bag
  • Set of automatic heater
  • Front seat (frame and foam)
  • Rear seat
  • Switches
  • Wire assembly and multiplex system
  • Rear third triplet belt
  • Front Column frame
  • New grill

Project of EF7 Gasoline Engine Installation on Samand
According to the future problems and obstacles ahead, Iran Khodro, the biggest car manufacturing company in the Middle East, decided to add diversity to its products’ fuel portfolio.

 CNG- based engine for the first time in Iran by Iran Khodro Research Center experts was designed so that it has ability function with gasoline.
The major benefits of this project are:

  • Equipped to Variable Valve Timing for reduction of  fuel consumption
  • EURO4 Emission Standard
  • Equipped with Catalytic Converter-Three Way
  • Equipped with Cansyter (system of fuel vapors collection in above the fuel tank and distilling it)
  • Equipped with Blow By or ventilation of gases from the combustion of crankcase and cartel
  • Equipped with new Oil Module System


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