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Research & Development

Research & Development

This project is defined for export targets and company's strategy relative to market development and increase variety of products.

Fortunately, the project is yield a relatively short period and now it is in stage of mass production for export to target markets (such as Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Algeria, and Morocco)

Briefly, the project goals are as follows:

  • Use of existing facilities
  • Diesel cars exports to exiting markets and develop export markets  
  • Achieving  technical  knowledge of diesel passenger cars in the country
  • The possibility of producing diesel passenger car after providing adequate fuel for use in domestic market
  • The possibility of  producing 206 Hatch Back Peugeot with diesel engine for export market and domestic market in future
  • Increasing of  production
  •  Expanding of products production diversity

    Some of the advantages of diesel passenger cars in comparison with gasoline model with the same engine volume as follows:

  1. 33% Reduction in fuel consumption
  2. 33%  increase in trip mileage with any diesel fuel tank
  3. Reduction  in exhaust pollutants and greenhouse gases
  4. Level of pollution EURO 4
  5. 35% Maximum of more torque in engine speed 1750 rpm
  6. Reduction of engine speed and sound at high speeds
  7. Reduction of vehicle depreciation and maintenance costs
  8. Reduction of  fuel cost and gasoline import
  9. Diversity in consumed energy
  10. Increasing of safety in accidents due to low inflammability of diesel
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